IncludeMore Photos using templates!

It took a year, but I am FINALLY finished my scrapbook album from our trip to China!! Life was so busy since our trip last year, and I just didn’t have time to get to it. I was swimming in photos and it felt a little overwhelming, at times. I wanted to share something with you that simplified the process and allowed me to include so many more photos that I would have otherwise. Rebecca Cooper, at Simple As That, created some cute and SIMPLE collage templates, meant for instagram photos. Here are a few of the collages I created with them:

I used her 6X12 collages to create an adorable half-page that fit 15 different photos on each one! I couldn’t believe how fast I worked through my photos, using these, and how easy her templates were to use. If you need a reminder on how to use digital templates in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, check out my tutorial here:
There were a few places we visited on our trip that were so incredible, I took far too many photo to scrapbook, but I still wanted to document them. I just slipped in a 6X12 page protector and added one of my collages in with lots of photos, to help finish off the layout. Now, it feels complete!

You can order these cute and easy templates from Rebecca Cooper’s new “Simple As That” digital shop:
You can order these awesome 6X12 page protectors from Amazon here:

I plan to make a LOT more of these 6X12 (and her 12X12) collages so that I can easily add more photos to my albums. I have added them to my Project Life album, as well, because one photo a day, sometimes, just isn’t enough 🙂

 To print 6X12 pages, simple create a new document in Photoshop, sized to 12X12 at 300dpi. Then, after creating your template and flattening, drag your 6X12 template onto the 12X12 document. You can fit 2 6X12 templates on your 12X12 document. Then, flatten and save your 12X12 as a jpeg. You can then order it as a 12X12 print at Costco. Done! Trim when you get home and you have two 6X12 collages to add to your album!
I plan to keep using these templates – I love the idea of including so many images in my albums. Next time I’ll try her 12X12 template, and maybe actually USE instagram pics so  I can use the adorable #hashtag titles she includes. LOVE THEM! 
Now, go get your templates!


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