This is just way too fun!

We are planning a cruise for early 2014 and one of our excursions will be snorkeling! We considered buying a couple of disposable waterproof cameras to use, but those pose a couple of problems: 1. You can’t see what you are photographing (digital has spoiled me). 2. There are a limited number of pics you can take.  3. The resulting files aren’t digital, so it’s harder to share and edit or delete if need be. 4. No video capabilities. We thought of others, but you get the idea. So…what to do? Well, this is the point and shoot digital camera that we own currently:
It’s a Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS, and it’s a great little P&S camera. We love it. After a little research online (VERY little research), we found a fun case that renders the camera waterproof and for just under $60!
Canon WP-DC320L Waterproof Camera Case
There is another case, about $160, that is even better quality, but we can’t afford an extra $100 for it. We decided to go with the one above and give it a try!
Here are some of the results – these were taken in a fairly dark swimming pool, so I was impressed with the results:









What was the verdict? Thumbs up!!
If you are taking a vacation near some water, why not check online to see if there is a waterproof case for your camera! You might be surprised, and it’s a great investment, in my opinion. We also took some video and the sound picks up quite well, too. Bonus!
Can’t wait for our Cruise!!!


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