Family Skating Party!

Oh what do you do in the winter time, when the thermometer gets above zero? You go skating, of course! And why wouldn’t you, when the suggestion puts a smile on your child’s face like this?
We had to make a stop at the local sport equipment trade store and trade in a couple pairs of skates for larger ones. This monkeys just keep on growing!
There are a lot of ice rinks around town – indoors and out – so we had to choose which one our skates would be gracing. We chose a rink right near the lake, overlooking the magnificent Legislative building. I mean, why not enjoy a view as you struggle to maintain your balance?
But first – time to get those skates on!
It had been a while (years) since we last went skating, so we had forgotten what an ordeal getting all of those skates on would be!
Lots, and lots, and lots of laces!
The girls were all very tentative when they first got out on the ice. You would think, us being Canadian, that we would be right at home on the ice, but not so! It is such a bizarre feeling!
BB made the mistake of having me give her some pointers. She saw, as soon as I got my skates on, that I wasn’t qualified to be giving any skating tips 🙂 “Mom! I trusted you! You were telling me how to skate, and you don’t even know how to!” Yes. I’m a lie.
After making sure all of his girls were laced up and ready to go, Lyndon was last to get his on.
JJ was very brave – and very wobbly. Like mother – like daughter!
In the beginning, there was a lot of this going on. Thank heavens for ski pants with extra padding!
Time to get serious about skating!

Lyndon proved that skating SHOULD be just like riding a bike! He was speeding off in seconds. Lucky!
BB actually caught on pretty quickly, even with my helpful “tips”  😉
Thank heavens Lyndon was so steady on his feet – he was the only real help for the girls. They all managed on their own after a little while, though

You can see JJ’s wet bum – she spent almost as much time on that as she did on her feet 🙂 She was in good company, though. We all got our bums well acquainted with the ice 😉

TJ had been at a friends at a sleep over, so she arrived a little late to the party, but jumped right in!
She also spent some time flat on her bottom, though her favorite method of stopping was skating into me at full speed. I may not be a great tutor, but I’m great as a brake system!

Isn’t this area gorgeous?

I love this pic, but one of my angels is missing – JJ!

She decided that she had had enough and opted, instead, to play at the playground.
All in all, a super fun afternoon, outside enjoying the beautiful weather, together as a family! I know it won’t be our last!


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