Our Little Tea Party!

I was ecstatic when a friend invited us over to enjoy an honest-to-goodness tea party with our girls! I can’t remember the last time I had a tea party….maybe never! Boy, were we excited!!
Our little contribution to the fun was some fruit:
And some “tea” cups. What we found, while shopping at a local dollar store, were these ADORABLE little cups (meant for espresso) that came with little ceramic spoons. How adorable are they? I know they aren’t “technically” for tea, but they were so sweet and small, I knew they would be perfect for little hands at our tea party.
We spent some time getting the food together. Our hostess with the most-est prepared an amazing spread! Look at those gorgeous, amazing shrimp! A little fresh lemon and they were perfection!
Some of the other items were cucumbers (next time we will be making little cucumber sandwiches), deviled eggs with a twist (made with some cafe rio tomatillo style sauce – amazing!), veggies, and an incredible banana cake with a delish coconut topping. WOW!

Oh, and of course, the TEA!!

To make this tea, she used a base of apple cinnamon herbal tea, then heated up some cranberry juice and added it to the tea. A little bit of honey and it was SOOOOO good! My kids (who aren’t usually big fans of tea) really loved it.

You can’t forget to make the table sparkle, too! Our hostess set the table with some bright, happy, colorful flowers, which made the whole table just light up!

 And the napkins she found just put the whole thing over the top!
The real stars of the show were these two:
They are great friends and love to hang out together. I think these two were the real reason for holding this tea party. They had SO MUCH FUN!
Though, the rest all had a blast, too.

A huge “thank you” to our amazing hostesses, too! I can’t wait for the next one!


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