Happy Birthday, B Girl!

I have to take a moment and pay tribute to my amazing daughter, B, on her 11th birthday. 11 years! How time has flown from the time she was a gorgeous little baby in my arms
She was seriously the most beautiful baby. She had these enormous blue eyes, and TONNES of thick, dark, curly hair. She looked perfect and precious and I loved her from the very first second. She surprised me by coming very quickly, compared to her sister’s almost 24 hour labor – making her appearance in just under 5 hours from first contraction to her arrival. I was more than happy with that 🙂 Now, 11 years seems to have flown by faster than I can comprehend.
At age 11 you:
  • have the most colorful imagination of anyone I know. I would LOVE to see the world through your eyes, even for just a moment
  • You are smart. Yes, you are amazing at school and take your studies seriously, but you are also very bright in general. You love to figure things out and are interested in why things work they way they work, or are the way they are.
  • You are athletic. You seem to know how to maneuver your body to accomplish what you want to. Take climbing up the 6 story climbing wall – you’ve done it four times and made it to the top, seemingly with little effort, every time. Amazing!
  • You are one of the most humorous people I know. You love to laugh and know how to make others laugh as well. You seem to easily find the humor in every situation and can lighten the mood when it needs it.
  • You love the scriptures. You are often the one to get out the Book of Mormon and have it ready for our family scripture study in the mornings, and as we read you ask very insightful questions that often astonish me.
  • You are playful. You love to play with your sisters and your friends – not paying any attention as some of your friends are now “too cool” to play during recess. You know what you enjoy and you aren’t going to let anyone stop you from having fun “playing”. Your sisters (and many others) absolutely LOVE playing with you and enjoying the imaginative games you come up with.
  • You are beautiful. I know this isn’t something you decide or control, but you are stunning. You don’t ever realize it, or pay any attention, but you have arresting eyes, gorgeous full lips, and a head of amazing thick hair that you will love, one day. For now, you don’t give your looks a second thought – another thing I love about you
  • Love to sing. I know you don’t think you have a nice singing voice, and that you all-too-often compare yourself to others, but you have a passion for singing and you really put your whole heart into it. You have a very nice voice and it is something that I know you don’t readily see in yourself. I see it, and I love it!
  • Love games. Whether it is playing monopoly for hours with your sisters, or playing food-making games on your iPod, you love the excitement of playing games. 
  • You are private. You love to be the life of the party, but when it comes to your feelings and your inner-most thoughts, you can be hard to read. You don’t easily let others in and you like to keep things to yourself. Communicating with you can sometimes be difficult, but I understand the need to keep some parts of you to yourself. When it really matters, you will let those you love you in.
  • You are all about fairness. I suppose that comes from being a middle child, so I understand the desire for things to be fair. It can be a hard thing to learn that life isn’t fair, and that you can be happy anyway. I know that will come. Being just and fair as a person is always a good trait, so keep developing it!

There are so many aspects to who you are, and as each year passes I am discovering more about you. I love you with all my heart and am so proud of who you are becoming. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and feel all of the love that we (and so many) have for you. You are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what this coming year brings for you!


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