Photo-A-Day in 2013

It is the start of a new year, and that means the END of last year’s photo-a-day challenge, and the beginning of THIS year’s photo-a-day! I had the thought briefly cross my mind to NOT bother doing a photo-a-day this year, and just take random photos, whenever. It was a tempting idea, to not be bogged down by a daily goal – to just break free! However, when I sit down to look through the albums from the past four years, I just couldn’t imagine not having those memories documented. I knew I had to continue on, capturing our lives in photographs, one day at a time. 
So, I first completed my photo-a-day blog from 2012 – and it feels amazing to have done so, only 2 days into the new year! Here is where you can see all of the fun we had last year:
And here is where you can follow along with our adventures (and yes, there will be many!) in 2013!
I have truly found a lot of joy in this method of documenting our journey together, as a family. I find it simple, not too time consuming, and completely worthwhile. I always purchase a Project Life kit from Becky Higgins because it makes the process even simpler, with her awesome binders, page protectors, and coordinating cards/paper packs. It takes all of the guess work out. This year I ordered this seafoam set:
I am excited to embark on this adventure for my fifth time. It has been an enormous blessing for our family – one that we will cherish for years to come! 


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