December Take 12!

I can hardly believe it. When I applied to be one of the 2012 Ella Publishing Friends, I could have never anticipated what a ride I was in for! It has been a year of learning, inspiration, documenting life, and a whole lot of FUN! Seriously, it has been such a great experience. It is hard to imagine the fun coming to an end, but life moves on! I can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for Ella Publishing in 2013, especially now that they have joined up with Big Picture Classes. What a venture! So excited for them
Seeing as it is December, that means that it is also my last “Take 12” for the year, too! This was a very special “12th” as it was 12/12/12! This only happens once every 100 years, so it was definitely a day worth documenting! I spent much of the day following along with Stacy Julian and her team via UStream while they shared how to create a yearbook in one day! It was so inspiring and I love the amazing album that I nearly completed on that day. So many memories were documented in so quick a time. I’m thrilled with it! Also, at 12:00pm, I met the kids at their school and took some photos at 12:12 on 12/12/12! It was so fun to share that historic moment together. Here is the layout I completed – my last TAKE TWELVE!
Here is to another year of growth and change. I’m looking forward to a new year full of even more!

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