Word for 2013 – Free Printable!

I have decided my “focus word” for 2013 will be “steadiness”. I came across a quote from Pres. James E. Faust that really struck a chord with me. He said: ““Steadiness and toil will serve you better than brilliance”.

I felt, to my core, that this was true. I thought of the early pioneers and their steady progress across the plains toward their promised land. I thought of my parents, who steadily taught us gospel principles, by small and simple means. I thought of my health goals in my life, and how being steady will always serve me better in the long run. I thought of the many good habits and talents that I have strived to develop throughout the course of my life, and how I feel that each of them have been achieved through steady practice and toil. I do not consider myself brilliant in the least. I’m more like a jack of all trades, and master of none 🙂 However, I have found that I can accomplish great things through steadiness. I want to really focus on this throughout 2013, and not lose sight of the end result that steadiness will bring in every area. 

As always, I wanted to create a printable to display, to remind me of my goals and keep me on track. I chose a background of brick. It reminds me of the three little pigs and how the third pig’s steadiness saved him in his house of brick. To me, brick represents sturdiness and toil, as well. A perfect compliment to this quote. 

I’m happy to share this quote with all of you! Click on the image above to download this free 5X7 printable to display in your own home. And here is to a steady 2013!!


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