Boot Camp Drill #3 – Free Music Bookmark Download

Today was day three of the BPC BOOT CAMP and the “drill” was to create something with the photos we have been taking the past couple of days. One idea really interested me (and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before) and that was to create bookmarks from my photos! I thought that the nature of my “muse” photos, being music, lent itself well to the idea of creating book marks.
 I opened Photoshop, created a new 4X6 document, dragged three of my instrument images onto it and cropped them skinnier so they would be narrower. Then I used the text tool to add a little quote “Music is what feeling sounds like” and placed it on top of a white rectangle that I lowered the opacity to 50% on, so some of the photo would show through, but still allow the text to be visible. Phew! It sounds more complicated than it was. 
Then, I cut them out, used a corner rounder punch to round the corner, punched a hole in the top, and threaded some baker’s twine through. Here is how the bookmarks turned out:

I love how they turned out, and that they are my very own images! Because I love to share, you can also download the 4X6 image, if you’d like, for personal use ONLY. Enjoy!


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