October Take 12!

This month I went with the “take-12-photos-of-one-moment” method. It has been my first! I remember how it felt to gather an armful of crispy, autumn leaves and toss them in the air with wild abandon only to watch them fall all around (and on top of) me. The idea of the bugs, dirt, and other overall gross-ness of what might be those leaves never occurred to me 🙂 And if you can enjoy those Fall moments with your sister and best bud? Perfection!
Have you taken the “Take 12” challenge? You can start ANY month, and simply take 12 photos on the 12th of every month. Before you know it, you will have a wonderful dissection of what you life is like. The 12th of the month lands on different days of the week, so you get a real “slice of life” look at your past year. I love it, and it is totally do-able – for anyone! 
Find out more about take 12 and get inspired by others who have taken on the challenge, on the Ella Publishing blog!


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