First Day of School and Free Printables!

Yes, it is a week late, but I just have to post about my girls’ first day of school. 
Actually, it’s probably good that I waited because, a week after school starting, and two days after the “meet the teachers” night, a new teacher started and my BB is switching classes. I’m grateful that the class sizes won’t be as large, but I don’t love the idea of uprooting her after she just got excited about her friends being in her class and starting a relationship with her current teacher. At least it happened early in the year, and that it happened to my most easy-going of children. She is a-okay with the change!

So, back to their first day!
The girls are each allowed to choose their own first-day-of-school outfit. I could give in to my OCD tendencies and pick out their clothes for them, but I love seeing their own personalities come through in the outfits they put together. It is one of the ways that they like to express themselves, and this year was no different! I can clearly see each of their personalities clearly in their cute clothes. 

Yep – those are my sweetie pies! Gosh, I sure love them. And they are so excited for school, can you tell? Here is the break down:
JJ is 6 and starting first grade:
She was actually quite unsure about starting grade one (though, from the photo above, you would think she was ecstatic)! She is the youngest, and sometimes that means feeling younger longer? Whatever the reason, she was trepidatious about it – and frankly, so was I! She was mainly worried about what learning to read would be like. But, when the day came, she got caught up in the excitement and was happy to pose for some pictures. And, after a few days in her class, she was completely excited about reading!
JJ is our little fashionista. She loves accessorizing and wearing anything feminine. She loved the adorable skirt and the sequins on the top. Oh, and the fact that it came with a necklace? Even better!
BB is starting 8 and starting 3rd grade:
BB is the happiest kid around, and she was beyond excited to get back to school. Not much gets to this one, so a new class, teacher, and friends didn’t bother her in the least. She was so anxious to get back to learning and having fun with her friends. 
She is also our sporty gal. She loves to jump, twirl, climb, and play. Her outfit completely showed that off. It was just right for getting active in, and her T-shirt had her favorite animal on it – a (what else) monkey!
B is 10 and starting sixth grade!
B is uber creative and imaginative. She marches to the beat of her own drum and loves to express her creativity. She was only so-so about getting back to school. She enjoys her carefree summer days and no schedules, though she did miss her friends. I think, inside, she was ready to get back.
She likes to be different, so this outfit with the sequined tie was so…her. She felt very grown up and super smart in these clothes. She even remarked that she looked like a girl in a movie who goes to private school. 🙂 Of course, she can’t pose like just anyone else, either – this is all B!
TJ is 12 and starting seventh grade:
TJ is very studious and was super happy to be getting back to school. She thrives with structure and delves deeply into her studies. She loves it. She was also anxious to see her friends again, after a summer of not seeing too many of them. She shot up in height this summer, as well, looking more grown up than ever!
TJ also has her own style, but it often follows the mainstream a little more. She likes to shop with me and get my opinions on how things look. She is doing her own hair, now, and likes to coordinate her hair accessories with her clothes. But, after getting dressed, she doesn’t think about her appearance again – it’s fun to get dressed, but then there are more important things to think about. She hasn’t become one of those teenagers, yet 🙂
It was difficult to see those girls walking off to school – for the entire day! That first day at home, alone, was very lonely. It even took me by surprise! I found this little poem that basically summed up what I was was feeling that day:
I survived, though, and so did my kiddos. They were all placed in great classes with great teachers – I will meet B’s new teacher tomorrow, but I’m sure she is great, too 🙂 
Here are a few shots from their first day!

I hope your kids enjoyed their first week or two at school! And every day is getting a little easier for me, too (sniff, sniff). 
Get your own free back to school printables at HowDoesShe! I love them and plan to use them every year. It’s not too late to take some photos of your kids this year!


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