14 Years Strong!

Let’s face it, between raising the kids, working on our careers, serving in the church, and all the other chaotic details of life, the 14th wedding anniversary is one that sometimes gets passed over without any celebration. I mean, 14? No big deal, right? 
14 years is something to celebrate! In a world where marriage is sometimes trivialized, thrown by the wayside, or forgotten altogether…committing to each other, being faithful in word and deed, and loving each other for 14 years is an accomplishment. Even if loving your spouse comes easily 🙂
The traditional gift for the 14th anniversary is ivory. Of course, I wouldn’t buy real ivory (that’s cruel), but it had me thinking of what ivory represents and how it relates to 14 years of marriage. Ivory, in its basest form, is rough and has many imperfections. However, with time and some polishing – it is one of the most beautiful materials to behold.One website I viewed described ivory as having “excellent working properties”. It can be softened and formed into something beautiful. Marriage doesn’t naturally become something beautiful to behold. It takes work, it takes polishing (adversity), and some softening (of hearts) to make it work and become something beautiful. 

14 years of polishing, softening, and care has made our marriage a wonderful thing. And, just like ivory, it needs constant care and attention to remain that way. I’m so glad that I have another forever with my husband to polish out our imperfections and create something perfect! We both know that it can be done.
In the meantime, we are celebrating these fourteen years together. We have experienced it all (fun, laughter, pain, tears, schooling, serving, career changes, moving, children, and more) and have stuck together. Lyndon is a wonderful husband – making me laugh every day, keeping positive, serving us, serving the Lord, and showing compassion to all he comes across. In fact, on our night out to celebrate our anniversary, he bought a meal for a homeless young man who was traveling across Canada to get to his family in another Province. He is always thinking of others, and that is a quality I love most about him. If you are looking for a companion, selflessness and compassion are key (at least from my experience). Oh, and a sense of humor never hurts!
I love you to the moon and back and can’t wait to see what our future holds!
Happy 14!!! 


5 thoughts on “14 Years Strong!

  1. Happy Anniversary! It takes two of the strongest to get through the hardest of life's everyday situations. You two definitely represent what it means to be forged in love and strength!! Here's to another blissful 14 🙂


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