Young Women’s Goofy Photoshoot!

Want to have a LOT of laughs for next to no money?  Free printables to the rescue! I wanted to take some nice, posed pictures of our ward’s Young Women for a project I am working on for Young Women In Excellence, but I knew that those shots would only take a few minutes. What to do with the rest of the time? BE GOOFY! Using some free printable props from Paper Coterie, here is a little of what we did:

We used these free printables from “Paper Coterie” as props for some super silly pics! It was way too much fun and we loved every single second. These photo props aren’t just great for Father’s Day! Thanks, Paper Coterie! I love your stuff….seriously love it. 
The girls laughed and laughed and I saw their relationships strengthening right before my eyes. Here are just a couple more from our “photo shoot”!

I plan to frame the “nice” photos (not shown here) for our Young Women In Excellence, but I think it’s these photos that they will love the most and have as keepsakes.


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