Simple Things Photo (Oh, and It’s TAKE 12!)

You know those moments when you happen to glance to the side and you see a glimpse of something so beautiful it nearly takes your breath away? And then you just WISH inside that you had a camera to capture it, all the while knowing even a photo would never truly capture the majesty? Yeah, this was one of those days. I did happen to have my camera, and regardless of the fear of missing the mark, I snapped one quick photo.
I am so glad I did. After rain showers much of the day, the skies were filled with these large (I mean HUGE) white clouds, and for the first time the sun began to peek from behind this one and I could see the rays shining out above. My favorite part was the very literal silver lining around this cloud, too. Even though the photo doesn’t capture the brilliance quite as much, I just loved that moment! 
Oh, and don’t forget that it is time to TAKE 12!! Take 12 photos of your day on the 12th, then share your pictures/layouts on Ella Publishing’s TAKE 12 Flickr Group! Yay!


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