Become A Better Photographer! A fabulous new eBook!

I am so excited to share a fabulous find!! It is no surprise that I LOVE photography, especially the kind that captures the every day moments in my life. I have been a professional photographer for about 6 years and a “mom with a camera” for many more, so I would say I am experienced, but every now and then I seem to hit a creative roadblock. I need some serious inspiration to move forward with excitement!
 I recently (like, this week) read a new eBook from Rebecca Cooper that gave me just that inspiration, and I even learned a LOT of great tips as a bonus! It is called “Real. Life. Photography” and it is available from Ella Publishing.

Hey, I thought I knew a LOT about photography (and, maybe I do) but in this 70 page eBook, I was so impressed by the quality and quantity of the tips, and I loved how easy to read it was. There were chapters about lighting – how to find and use the BEST light possible, chapters on how to capture real moments, real relationships in our photos, and there were even chapters on how to enhance the photos in Photoshop with really simple instructions. I really, really love this book and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves to capture memories in photographs – whether you are a seasoned professional or an amazing mom with a camera! I think kids could even learn a few great tips from this book as well – it really is for everyone. I give it an enthusiastic TWO THUMBS UP!

Real.Life.Photography eBook - how to take amazing photos in real-life situations


One thought on “Become A Better Photographer! A fabulous new eBook!

  1. You are so, SO sweet Bobbi-Jo. I just noticed this post linked in my stat counter and had a click over and was so touched to read your words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…your support means so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. It was over a year in the making and I poured so much into it. You truly made my week. Thank you. 🙂 Rebecca


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