Pray For The Love – Free Printable Download!

I am really excited to share today’s FREE FRIDAY printable – first, because I love this quote from Pres. Henry B. Eyring and believe in it. Second, because I really stretched my creative boundaries and spent a lot of time putting it together to look the way I like. I love how it turned out. I really want to be able to print and display this print where I can see it and be reminded daily of the important message it contains. Sometimes, for me at least, the problem isn’t praying itself – it is knowing WHAT to pray for. This quote reminds me of the importance of praying for your companion, in many ways and over many things. I am a firm believer that this will help a marriage last because it will help us to see our companion through the Lord’s eyes, which are filled with a perfect love.
I have created this printable for free for the followers of my blog. If you aren’t following “It Works For Bobbi”, yet – take a second (literally – a second) and click “follow” over there to the right. Good? Thanks! Also, I would love for you to leave a quick comment to know that you have downloaded it and will be using it. That’s all! It only takes a minute and it’s nice to know whether my time and efforts are being appreciated. I hope that makes sense.


Download 5X7 Pray Printable Here


33 thoughts on “Pray For The Love – Free Printable Download!

  1. Bobbi, I love this!! Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone, you are so generous. I can't wait to print this out and put it in my bedroom as a daily reminder.


  2. I just found you via Pinterest and wanted to thank you. I LOVE this print! I just printed it and put it in a frame that has been sitting empty for months on my headboard shelf. I just couldn't find anything I liked until I saw this and immediately knew it was perfect! Thanks again for sharing!


  3. I so love this quote. Thank you so much for making it. I am going to have it printed and displayed in my bedroom…just in case you wanted to know 🙂 lol.


  4. i am so happy i saw this on pinterest!! thank you. i can't believe you went to all of this trouble and then are so generously sharing it!! i love it and i am going to print it out! xoxo


  5. Thank you for generously sharing your talents! I'm printing this quote for an anniversary gift and bookmarking your site for future fun!!


  6. Thank you for generously sharing your talents! I'm printing this for an anniversary gift and bookmarking your site for future fun!!


  7. Love this quote, I have had it printed from a plain word document for a while now and I stuck it on my fridge to look at and remind myself everyday, and NOW I can have your beautiful art instead! Thank you!


  8. I LOVE this! Great for wedding gifts and for my own bedroom. Thank you for sharing :)– you may be responsible for saving a few marriages;)!


  9. I found this through Pinterest, and thank you for sharing! This will make a sweet anniversary gift & wonderful, constant reminder.


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