Take Twelve in May!

Happy May!

 I was chatting with my sister and we were both amazed that it was already halfway through May – nearly finished the school year! Even my daughter commented that she felt like this school year has gone way too fast. I agree! It surprised me to get my iPhone reminder to “Take Twelve” photos today. It couldn’t be! Is it a sign that I’m getting old when the days fly by faster and faster? 

So, taking 12 photos today was easy – the weather was soooo beautiful, and we spent some time together getting the yard work done. I have assigned each of the girls their own section of the garden to keep weeded this year, and so far they are eager to help. Let’s see how long that lasts – ha! Every spring, I fall in love with my backyard all over again..and this May has been no different. I love our amazing array of perennials that are popping up everywhere, and the expansive green lawn. It is such a wonderful part of our home and I love it! Here is the two-page layout I created using templates from Ella Publishing’s “Take 12” kit (which makes documenting these SO much easier) and papers from Becky Higgin’s digital “Clementine” kit (from Project Life)

And here you can see the pages just a bit larger:

Join in the “take 12” challenge today! On the 12th of each month…take 12 photos! Then document them on a layout or in an album. Over the months you will see such a great snapshot of your life – a little excerpt every month of who you are and what you do. It’s SO simple! I love the “Take 12” kit from Ella because it not only gives you the templates you need, but the eBook has pages and pages of inspiration – including ideas on what to photograph each month – very helpful!! I hope you’ll join in the fun and share YOUR “take 12” pics with me! 


One thought on “Take Twelve in May!

  1. I love your scrapbook layouts and the beautiful photos of your family! I need to learn more about digital scrapbooking but haven't made the time yet…have a wonderful Mother's Day. Your blog is lovely!


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