"If This Isn’t Your Castle…" Printable

I have seen some beautiful images of various LDS Temples with this quote on them floating around the Internet, but of course I couldn’t find any with our temple (it is one of the many “small” format temples that were built in the last decade). Now that I am in the Young Women’s organization, and because I have a young woman (actually 4) in my home, I really wanted this image to be displayed somewhere in their rooms where they could look at it and contemplate the message. It’s cute, but really WHO you marry, WHERE you marry, and by what AUTHORITY you are married is the single most important decision you can make in your lifetime. It affects the rest of your eternity, and the lives of future generations as well. Something to think about, right? 
So, I created my own printable (sized to 8X10) and I made it into a canvas. I printed it as a regular 8X10 print, then mod podged it onto an 8X10 canvas that I bought for $1.25 at Dollarama. I painted the edges of the canvas brown, then inked the edges of the image with brown to help it blend in a little more. I plan to do this for a YW activity very soon, as well. I really love how it turned out!

If any of you live near a small temple, you are welcome to download this printable as well – most small temples look the same 🙂 Or, if you just like it…feel free to download as well! I love to share 🙂


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