Free Friday – "Ohana Means Family" Free Printable!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I am here to share a printable requested from a fabulous reader (Hi, Keltie!)…and it’s a great quote. If you have seen the movie “Lilo & Stitch” then you have heard it before 🙂 Feel free to download and use for personal use. And I’d love a comment here if you chose to download – let me know it’s being put to good use 😉

ETA: I have updated the link so it should be working now. Thanks for the feedback!If you are still having troubles, please email me with your email address and I’ll send the file directly to you 🙂


Nobody gets left behind. No matter what. Isn’t that the promise of families? There is always someone there to notice you, love you, care for you – regardless of what choices you are making or where you may be in life. I am grateful for a family who loves me and never leaves me behind. I hope that I am doing the same for them 🙂
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15 thoughts on “Free Friday – "Ohana Means Family" Free Printable!

  1. Always love your Friday Freebies Bobbi-Jo! Thanks for making them available to us!! Would also love to win a copy of Stamping Secrets. I am always ready to learn new and exciting tips and techniques about stamping. Thanks for the giveaway and have a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo, Christine


  2. Its at the printers and I can pick it up on Monday. Can't wait to see what it looks like. I have to get some more frames for all our family pictures, but once my wall is done I will send you a photo.


  3. My daughter's Marching Band director was from Hawaii (so why is she living in Arizona?) but before every performance they would have their “Ohana” meeting. Parents and helpers had to step out. The meeting was only for the students and directors. I'll be printing this off for her.


  4. this is so adorable! is it still available for download? when i click the link it just takes me to the file dropper website but there isn't anything to download. thanks so much!


  5. Thank you so much for offering these for FREE! All of your quotes are adorable! I've been having a hard time printing this one. The web site it is on isn't working today and yesterday it looks like you have to pay to use the site. Thanks!


  6. Oh darn…I checked from my iPad yesterday but didn't get on my computer today and got the following message: This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources available under the owner’s account. So sorry to be such a pain about this quote…I just love it!


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