Princess "tea" party – A lesson in manners!

 I am doing something a little different today…I am sharing an archived post from…let’s see…oh, 5 years ago! I was browsing through my old posts and came across this oldie. I still think that this is a FABULOUS Family Home Evening idea – for girls OR boys. I mean, come on. How precious would a little “gentleman’s dinner” be? So fun. I love lessons and activities that leave a lasting impression and this one has. I can tell you that I will be planning another “Princess Tea Party” in the coming days. This is a day that I could live over and over again!
If you need a visual reminder of good manners, you’ll love this print from “Persnickety Prints”. It’s GORGEOUS and it’s a good price. Oh, and you’ll want to check out their fun freebies, too!

“Manners” Print from Persnickety Prints

Our girls have been displaying less than proper manners as of late. Things like burping, bouncing in their kitchen chairs, shouting to pass this or that, etc…I decided it was high time for a “princess ‘tea’ party” to practice our lady like manners. Okay, at least the LDS version of a tea party (Apple cider and cookies). Before you leave comments, my girls are very much aware that we don’t drink tea – it was just what we called our party. The girls all dressed up in their princess dresses and sat very prim and proper around our kitchen table (as proper as 1,3,5, and 7 year olds can) and they were served their “cider” and “crumpets”. They were very, very polite – may I point out the pinky finger my husband is so proficiently raising as he very properly drinks from his mug? loverly…
What style, what grace! These gals are definitely gawgeous princesses! I decided to show ill manners, and my girls were quick to show me the proper way to do things. We practised our please and thank you’s, and sitting quietly at the table. I even used my incredibly accurate British accent to create a proper atmosphere 😀

My poor prince was pooped after a while of this (we did it after dinner) – isn’t he a sleeping beauty? He only slept for 2 minutes before he woke up and grabbed the camera from me.

And now for some princesses behaving badly….

We had so much fun and afterwards we sat in the living room discussing the importance of having good manners. We told the girls that the Lord’s house is a house of order, and ours should be too. We had the girls role play some ill manners, then role play the polite way to handle the same situation. It was such a great FHE! 
The pinnacle for me, was when my 5 year old looked at me with her big blue eyes and said “Mommy, can this tea party last forever?” I was literally choked up. Our “tea” party might not last forever, but our family will!

5 thoughts on “Princess "tea" party – A lesson in manners!

  1. That’s such a great idea! How fun! I hope I have girls soon. I love that Lyndon had his pinky finger up. What a real man to play along. You look great. You don’t look like you’ve gained weight so I don’t know what you’re talking about in one of your previous posts. You look as amazing as always. I’d love to have a tea party sometime, that would be so much fun.


  2. okya, finally catching up on your posts- I have vowed to try resizing pictures today- anyways, love this idea! wonder how it would go over with the boys! and love the princess dresses! gorgeous!


  3. Oh wow! Your girls sure have grown fast! I love the photo of both you and your husband's pinky up while drinking your “tea”. Manners? It so sad that so many 20 and thirty years olds seem to have forgotten thier manners.Good for you for making sure that manners are important to your lovely girls.



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