35 Reasons

I’m taking a moment out of our regularly scheduled programming (like I have a schedule…ha!) for this important announcement:
My man is 35 years young. Yes, he is starting to get a little “salt” in his “pepper” but he still looks as handsome and wonderful to me as when we were married over 13 years ago. It’s hard to believe, sometimes, that he chose to spend his eternity with ME. He is so amazing…in so many, many ways.  
As a small gift to him, I wrote down 35 reasons that I love him.
And put them on these hearts
Which I hung around the house
He hasn’t seen them, yet. He’s at work. But he will.
A couple of the things I have included are:
“6. You work hard to stay in shape”   And he does. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall – he rides his bike to work, downtown. It’s quite a ride and he does it. Every day. In the colder months, he works out at the gym. I’m one lucky gal!

“2. You play with the kids (even getting “twisted” playing twister)”  He is always the first one to be on the floor playing with the kids. He doesn’t waste any time in letting the girls know that they are important to him, and he is setting the example for them of the type of man I hope they find to marry.
“31. Your shows of affection”  Lyndon is a very affection person and I love that about him. He loves to give me a hug every time we pass each other in the hallway, or rubs my back when I’m having a hard time sleeping. He loves to give the girls hugs, cuddle with them, and tells them how much he loves them. I love that about him
He is going to have to wait until he gets home to see the other 32 reasons, and believe me, it was hard to stop at just 35. It is such an amazing thing to sit down and start listing WHY you love someone. You start seeing so many lovable things in them that you maybe didn’t think about for a while. You start to see them more perfectly. I highly recommend it! 
So, happy 35th Lyndon! I hope you feel the love that so many of us have for you. I love you more today than ever before and you deserve all of the best in life. I hope today is a good one for you 🙂


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