Simple Things – Happiness is…

Happiness is an impromptu visit to the local YMCA for a swim. Hearing the children laughing, their squeals echoing off the walls, the splashing, the smell of the chlorine….it all makes me smile. Life is not just to be endured, but ENJOYED!
Join in the Simple Things Challenge, and share a photo of something that made YOU smile this week!


8 thoughts on “Simple Things – Happiness is…

  1. This is actually one of my favorite memories as a child… the smell of chlorine and the busy pool echoing off the walls… I know what it´s like to want to stop and enjoy these moments, these routines, and smile. Lovely post
    greetings from Mexico


  2. this shot is so fun Bobbi-jo! love the angle!! 🙂 thanks for linking up this week…how are things going in your corner of the world!! has the weather warmed up there too? we actually went outside for a walk today!


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