Simple Things and Photo Challenge Day 6

The challenge today (day 6) really was a challenge….photograph from a low angle. Low angles are generally VERY unflattering. Ew. But, the theme wasn’t the only challenge…we experienced the first snowstorm of the season, which meant cold weather and low light. *sigh*. Time to face the challenge!

My eldest spent some time sitting on our bench near the front window, gazing out at the flying snow and thinking. Thinking about what? I wish I knew 🙂 She is always thinking, pondering, contemplating. Maybe she was thinking about the cold walk to school tomorrow, or maybe her thoughts went deeper than that. Who knows? I just caught a glimpse of the adult inside of her. Every now and then I see that person in each of my children…the person they are growing into. And I get a sense of my purpose as their mother…what that means. What an incredible opportunity and HUGE responsibility it is, to help to mold these girls into good wives and mothers themselves. As I shot this photo from my spot on the floor, I considered that *I* am at a low angle myself..but I’m aiming high! 🙂

Join in sharing a simple thing that made you stop, think, or smile 🙂


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