Parent/Teacher Conferences Fall 2011

It is Parent/Teacher Conference time, once again. I tend to kind of go back and forth whether or not to bother going. I always end up going, though, because – though my girls are excellent students- I always want to communicate well with their teachers and catch any potential problems before they start. They also use these conference for goal-setting. I really like this aspect. They first have the students outline what they feel their strengths are. This is always very interesting. You learn a lot about a person by seeing what they feel their strengths are. They also list what they would like to improve upon and what their strategies are to achieve those goals. I like being “in” on these goals so I can be a support to thme as they work towards them.

So, we all went and here is the report:

JJ is in kindergarten and is a wonderful student. She has really caught on well to concepts like sorting, patterns, memorizing, letters, and printing. She works well with the other students, loves to participate. She is organized and cleans up after herself. Overall – a great little kindergartner! Her goals are to learn her address and phone number better, and to start reading. I know she’ll do great!

BB is in grade two and is a wonderful asset to her classroom. She listens well and completes her assignments neatly and on time. Her major accomplishment is her reading. She has already surpassed the highest reading level for grade two and meets with the librarian daily to participate in more challenging reading strategies to keep her momentum going. She is an eager learner and loves everything about school. She wants to practice reading for longer periods at home and to read more chapter books. I am so impressed!

B is in grade 5 and her teacher said that he wished he had an entire classroom of “Bs” because they would get a lot more done! He couldn’t say enough positive things about her, but what really stuck out to me was when he said that she puts in her BEST effort no matter the task. Whether it is something she is interested in or not, she does her very  best and does well. It’s a great work ethic to have to know that you won’t always enjoy everything you are asked to do, but you still put forth your best effort and do a job well done. Bravo, B! She wants to work on printing more neatly by spending more time thinking and more time printing so it will be  neat. Great goals, B!

TJ is in grade 6 and, once again, she is a model student. She is a leader in her classroom and is a smarty pants, too. She does very neat work and is very thorough with everything she does. She has a good attitude and remembers everything her teacher asks her to do…then does it. Her goals are to keep her desk tidier and to get an “A” on their  upcoming decimals unit. I was so surprised that she hasn’t even started decimals, but wants to get ahead in studying and getting good grades.

I, of course, think my kids are the best things since sliced bread – but it’s nice to hear it from others and to see how they are already making choices that are leading them to be contributing members of society. I want them to be happy..more than anything. My goal is to show them how keeping the commandments and learning to be good, honest people is what will bring them joy…lasting joy. I want them to learn by experience that following the rules, trying your best, and having a sense of responsibility for what you do leads to happiness, as well as loving and serving others.

There are so many conflicting messages bombarding them from every direction, telling them that you CAN have it all, you can and SHOULD do whatever makes you happy – no matter who else it might hurt in the process, that if it FEELS good right now…DO IT! It is a scary thing. So much about RIGHTS, RIGHTS, RIGHTS and nothing about RESPONSIBILITY or CONSEQUENCES. I want my girls to be raised to see things as they really are. So far, they seem to be headed in the right direction 🙂


One thought on “Parent/Teacher Conferences Fall 2011

  1. It was so nice to read about your girls. From what you have written about them I think they are the best since sliced bread too. 🙂

    I *love* the way that you made the signs for each of your girls to hold while you took thier photos. And the photos…… well, your daughters are all beautiful and so are the photos of them.I love that you are bringing them up with with good values.



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