"Dear Daughter" Diary

I am SO excited to share something that I discovered a while ago and recently put into practice. It’s called, a “Dear Daughter Diary” (or you could substitute in “Son” or “Child”).The name doesn’t matter..it’s what it IS and what it DOES that is so amazing!
You buy a journal/notebook for each child (who is old enough to write or draw pictures), then you explain that this is a special journal where you will write letters to your child, and they will write letters back. This can happen as frequently as you’d like, and the letters can be about ANYTHING you want.
This is a safe way for your kids to ask questions they might have, tell you about their day, and share their feelings openly. I can’t tell you how well this is working! 
Not only have my girls been able to share what has happened in their day and ask me questions, I have a venue where I can express the little things I noticed about them that day – like when I saw them reading to their sister that morning, or how they loaded the dishwasher without me asking. It helps me to take the time to sit and ponder on that child and how I feel about her that day. It is WONDERFUL!
I would encourage you to start this as soon as you can. How amazing will this journal be when they are older? It is a great place to jot down counsel or guidance, to express love, to laugh and be human together. And you are creating a priceless piece of family history that will be meaningful for generations.


3 thoughts on “"Dear Daughter" Diary

  1. My husband and I started doing this a few years ago, it's been great for us too! We'll stick it under each other's pillows or in their suitcase if they are leaving for a while. We did a lot of long-distance, letter writing when we were dating so it reminds me of our beginning days! Can't wait to start it with my kids…first, I need some kids…


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