You Are My Sun

I had to share another layout inspired by my time at the Ella Publishing ScrapBOOT camp last week. I’m telling ya…I loved it!! So, this layout was inspired first by an amazing class taught by Lisa Dickinson on designing with pattern! She challenged us to try creating a layout using patterns of the same SCALE, which is just what I did with the clouds…totally different colors and patterns, but they are all the same scale. I love how it turned out!

I was also inspired by a class by Angie Lucas on Connective journaling. I had a friend tell me, out of the blue, how much my daughter, B, has grown up this past year. It got me thinking and looking at my daughter in a new light…and yes! She really has blossomed over this past year. She is a middle child and often feels lost in the shuffle. I wanted a post dedicated entirely to her, highlighting the ways she is growing up and how much I enjoy our one on one time together.

I loved this boot camp and I know I`ll be gleaning inspiration from it for a long time to come!


3 thoughts on “You Are My Sun

  1. Aw, this gave me chills! First, the page and the pictures could not be cuter. And second, I love that your journaling was inspired by something someone said to you. Love it!


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