Free Friday! Learn With Pleasure FREE Download

T.G.I.F…am I right? It has been a great week, but a SUPER busy one that I’m happy to see coming to a close. I still have a busy weekend ahead, but somehow it just being the weekend makes it all better 🙂
Today’s free download is a quote that I came across a while back and I immediately knew it was the truth. Haven’t you ever learned something new with such pleasure that it became permanently ingrained in your heart and soul? It’s a great thing to remember when we are teaching our children…like I like to tell my kids, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I suppose lengthy lectures sound fabulous proceeding from my lips, but maybe if we taught with some “honey”, or in a way that our children are learning with PLEASURE, they will be quicker to heed our teachings and live them. It’s a good thought, right? Happy downloading!


Learn with Pleasure Download


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