Some Fall Fun!

Autumn is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! The crispness to the air, which makes putting on a sweater totally kosher. The amazing color everywhere you look. The smells of apples, spices, and leaves that permeate the air. This is the most amazing season! 
Our tree decided to opt out of the brilliant color fashion show and drop every one of it’s leaves FAR before the others on our street. Well, when the world hands you leaves…you jump in them! But first…some serious tree-climbing needs to happen while daddy rakes up a pile.

 Who needs monkey bars when your little monkeys prefer tree limbs to swing on?
 Just make sure to take your heart medication before you watch how high your little monkeys want to climb!
 And put away those OCD tendencies when your kids want to roll in the leaves which are probably crawling with…wait, I put away those OCD tendencies….
 But it makes for some fun photos! (ew.)

 Oh, to be a child again and not care what creepy crawlies you are covering yourself with from head to toe (dang it,..maybe I should embrace the OCD)

 And if that’s not enough…those leaves are begging to be thrown sky-high, danced in, rolled in, jumped in, and in all other ways PLAYED in…thoroughly.

 But wait…we are missing someone! Someone tiny, cute, cuddly, and black and white. Someone who looks on longingly while the rest of us play. Oh, who will rescue Pebbles? 
Finally! A kind little girl put Pebbles’ leash on and she is ready for some leaf-romping!

 Who could say ‘no’ to a face like that?

More leaf – jumping madness to be had!

 …by all 🙂
This is one of the ways we celebrate Fall! How do you celebrate? I’d love to see some Autumn pics! Link up! 
Oh, and if you are looking for some fun Autumn Activities for the kids, come visit me at HowDoesShe today where I’m sharing FIVE fun fall crafts and activities for the kids. Make sure to leave a comment and say “hello!” Here is a peek at one of the fun ideas I’m sharing:
Hope to see you over there! Have a great day!


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