Safety Patrol!

Following in her father’s footsteps, my eldest has officially joined the school “safety patrol” as a captain! Of course, I had to pop by the school on her first day to capture some shots 🙂
TJ didn’t have any time to stop and pose for pics…work to do!!

There was a small “lull” where she endured a posed photo 😉

But, right back to work making sure the kids at school are crossing safely!

I was so proud watching her be so confident and take charge!

She amazes me with her self-confidence. I wish I had as much when I was her age!

Keep serving and protecting, TJ! You’ve got one proud momma!!


4 thoughts on “Safety Patrol!

  1. Awww……love this. My kids all thought they had made it big time by the time they were old enough to be patrollers. ; D

    Way to go TJ!! Looking good. Cassie will have to share with you her famous “LAAASSSSST CROSSSSSS-INNNG!!!!” Her set of lungs is still mentioned to this day at that school. lol


  2. I Love your printable about children but I love, even more, YOUR words about children -“(Children) are like blank canvases with the potential to blossom into great works of art!” You're such a fabulous parent! Thanks so much for sharing:)


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