DIY Backgrounds with Japonizer!

I am so excited to share this new find with you!! This just makes me so happy 🙂 Do you want a SUPER easy and SUPER fun way to create your own backgrounds with custom colors…for free? Uh, YES, please! Okay, so first, you visit the website…JAPONIZER.  Here is what you’ll see:

You can choose from a variety of patterns by clicking on the pattern box.
You can choose the scale of the pattern by clicking on the different size options:
 And choose custom colors for the pattern by clicking on the color and background boxes, then either choosing a color or entering an exact color value (like if you want it to match your blog, etc. exactly! LOVE!
When you are happy with your choices, click “JAPONIZE”and wait for the magic to happen.
 If you like how it looks, click “Download” to save the pattern to your computer!
Voila! Your own background! Designed by you! Now, if you have Blogger and you want to add the background to your blog, just go to “Design” > “Template” > “Customize”
Then, when the next screen pops up, click on “background”
Now you’ll upload your newly saved background by clicking where it says “Upload Image”.
 Browse for where you saved your new background. Then click “Done” to get your new background up. Aren’t you smart?!
So, get creating and I’d love to have a link to your blog to see your new background!


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