9 Pinteresting Finds for Fall!

Summer is not OFFICIALLY over, and though the weather outside is scorching hot this week, I have not been able to stop myself from perusing Pinterest for fabulous FALL ideas! They are all over the place! Here are a few of my favorite finds:
Thanksgiving Board from Lil’ Luna
Mossy pumpkin wreath from the High Heeled Hostess
Pumpkin Cake from 2 bundt pans!
Free Printable Placemats (and a kit) from Paper Glitter!
Individual Pumpkin Cream Pies from The Crafting Chicks
Mod Podge & Leaves = fabulous pumpkin!
Felt Leaves
Mr. Pumpkin Head
Foam Pinecones!
Thirsty for more? Follow my boards on Pinterest! I am always pinning more! If you haven’t jumped on the “Pinterest” bandwagon…what are you waiting for? An invitation? If you need an invite (because Pinterest is exclusive like that), shoot me an email with your email address and I’ll send you an invite so you can start sharing what inspires YOU! Happy pinning!


4 thoughts on “9 Pinteresting Finds for Fall!

  1. I there. I look at your blog once in awhile and I sure enjoy it. I love the ideas you have on this post. I'm thinking I may have to try one or two of them!
    Have you heard of Stumbleupon? It may be old news to you. My oldest son told me about it and it's pretty great!


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