It’s a Circus! (Birthday)

How do you celebrate the August birthdays of two of the most FUN, most EXCITING, most DAZZLING young ladies in the universe? With a FUN, EXCITING, and DAZZLING CIRCUS birthday, of course!!
You MUST have rainbow decorations, rainbow cupcake wrappers (cut on the silhouette machine), rainbow water bottle labels (designed by moi in Photoshop), rainbow banners (from Pick Your Plum), circus clown hats (from Party Printables) , and boxes of popcorn! Oh, and little girls anxiously awaiting their party guests!
Activities MUST include face painting by older sisters and sister’s friend, a “big top” tent with tiger tamers, unicorn rides, tightrope walking, and LOTS of laughter!!
A really good romp on the trampoline!
Some delicious birthday cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and rainbow pixie sticks!
And…of course…opening gifts with friends!

Silly me, forgot to photograph the treat bags! They included a bag of rainbow skittles, a large goofy pair of clown glasses with red nose, and a whoopie cushion! Yes, that equals lots ‘o’ laughs 🙂 It was a great birthday for my 5 and 7 year old gals. Now, only a year to plan the next double-birthday bash!


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