First Day Of…..

Yep! It’s finally that WONDERFUL time of the year where the kids go BACK TO SCHOOL, routines are reinvented, and life seems to just make sense, again 😉 
So far, a typically great start to the new school year!

The hustle and bustle of gathering in the gymnasium to find out whose class you’ll be in. Oh, hey! There is so-and-so from last year! (love it)

Checking out your new classroom and finding your desk.

First introductions, who are you sitting next to, is your teacher going to be super nice?

Finding out your very best friends are ALL in your class this year! (uh oh…poor teacher!)
Giving mom that patient, please-leave-please-leave-quickly look while getting your “first day of school” photo taken

So excited that you have the teacher you HOPED you’d have this year!
Remembering just HOW MUCH FUN school is and how you couldn’t WAIT to get back there!!

Loving that you are growing up a little each year, and noticing just how much smarter you are!

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