Free to GIVE Friday and Win a $30 Amazon gift Card!

Happy Friday, Friends!

I’m here today to share something near and dear to my heart..something that I KNOW you’ll want to know about so you can get involved. I’m so proud to be working with an amazing team of women at and these gals have done something incredible! Here is Missy telling the story on the news:
After the devastation in Japan, Missy decided to start a coin jar with her family to teach them that they CAN make a difference. Her son, who didn’t have a lot of money to contribute, decided to sell his Pokemon cards to help the cause! This started Missy thinking that if HE could contribute something to help, then she would too! That’s when the HowDoesShe Gals started brainstorming and came up with the idea to collaborate with other TOP blogs to create a fabulous cookbook where the proceeds (100% of the proceeds!) would go directly to the Red Cross! YES! So, here is the finished product:
Buy the book now!
They created a gorgeous hardbound cook book with over 50 recipes from your favorite blogs! Big names, here, people! They also created an e-book version, which is handy if you have a smart phone or tablet, or just want to print out your favorites. The cost is only $10!! And, get this….$10 of every purchase goes directly to the Red Cross. LOVE THAT! 100%!! 
So, I’m asking for your help to contribute to a great cause…AND get a fabulous recipe book in return. You can’t go wrong, here, folks! And to make it even better..if you come back here and tell me that you bought one, you will be entered to win a $30 Amazon gift card! That’s right! I want to give to encourage others to do the same. Deal?
How to enter:

  • Follow ItWorksForMe by clicking on the right hand side of the screen
  • Go buy a copy of the book (the purchase deadline is time is short!) then come back here to tell me you did. 
  • Leave a separate comment telling me that you posted about this giveaway on Facebook to earn a second entry.
  • Leave a third comment telling me that you posted about this on your blog.
There is a limit of 3 entries, and you’ll have until Aug.31 to enter. Thanks for your support and GOOD LUCK!
Here is a handy-dandy button for you to put up on your blog if you want to further the cause!
Link it to:
Thanks again and pop back to tell me you bought it!


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