My Baby Is 5!

Today my youngest…my BABY…turns FIVE! It just can’t be true. 5 years sounds like such a long time, and it seems to me that she was born just yesterday. But, it’s true…she is a five year old! It’s the last year she will be able to show her age using just ONE hand. Okay, my heart just broke a little 😦 
In celebration of five WONDERFUL years with her in our lives, I’m sharing just 5 of the things I love about JJ…my *sniff* baby girl!
1. She is fearless. Really, there is not much that she won’t attempt or try if she wants to. I admire this because I don’t share this trait..or at least, I didn’t until recently! I’m really not sure where my children get their self-confidence from, actually, but it is something I definitely admire, especially in my youngest. Like Vanilla Ice, if there is a problem…yo, she’ll solve it! Her confidence will get her far in life.
2. She is ALL girl! If there is something..ANYTHING…that makes a girl a GIRL, then this chick has it. She loves being feminine and uses her wiles to her ultimate advantage. It’s fun because I never WAS a “girly” girl and this is my first of my four daughters who turned out to be. It’s fun.
3. She’s the ultimate GOOFBALL! She was born giving goofy looks to people, having a pleasant, happy personality. She never fails to make me (and everyone she meets) literally laugh out loud at the things she says. She loves being funny and can crack a joke without cracking a smile. Love it. She gets that trait from her dad 🙂
4. She loves hanging out with me. I guess that comes with being the youngest, but she really seems to like just “hanging”, talking, ..just BEING with me. It does a soul good to feel so loved and needed. Since she is so witty and smart, we have some fun conversations. I learn a lot from hanging out with this one.
5. She is her own person. She doesn’t care much about following the crowd. She is who she is and doesn’t make any apologies. This could be seen as being stubborn, and yes..she is that…but she is a leader, which seems odd to me that she is the youngest of four children and can lead so well. She has no problem expressing her opinions…very well…and can maneuver her way out of a lot of things using her strengths to her advantage. As long as she uses her powers for good…we’ll all be safe!

Happy birthday, JJ! My life wouldn’t have been as rich and full without you. I’m so glad you came into our crazy family and seem so happy to be here. LOVE YOU!


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