Simple Things Sunday! The errand of angels

My husband had the camera and performed some magic in capturing some moments between my children and myself that even I wasn’t aware of! This simple shot of my youngest, just “hanging out” on my leg, warmed my heart with the look of pure joy and contentment on her face. No matter how hard am I on myself, the fact remains that I am a good mom. My children are happy…and so am I. Motherhood truly is the errand of angels and I’m so incredibly grateful to be raising four girls.
Join in the simple things challenge! Post a photo of a simple thing from this week!


4 thoughts on “Simple Things Sunday! The errand of angels

  1. oh… I'm too sensitive these days… I had a wee cry, not just about the photo ( which is lovely ) but at what you wrote. You are a GREAT Mom x x


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