Free Friday! Thank You Cards

Happy Friday, Friends!
First…before all of this free stuff… can I say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for sticking it out with me during these (ahem….annoying) changes I have been trying to make over here. I know the blog looks exactly the same, but I have been trying to set up a custom domain name. I know…should be simple…but it’s turning out to be a tad more difficult. Good news? EVENTUALLY this blog will be found at “” ! I’m excited 🙂
Okay, so to say THANKS for sticking it out, I created these simple thank you cards! Just print them on an 8.5X11 paper for 2 – 4.25X5.5 cards (though if you want smaller cards, print two of these on one paper), cut and fold and there you have it! I feel as though there is SOMETHING to be thankful for EVERY DAY, so it’s a great idea to have a few of these sitting around to use when the urge hits 🙂


One thought on “Free Friday! Thank You Cards

  1. I love your thank you card Bobbi-Jo. Congratualtions on geting a website. I can hardly wait to see it. Having your own web site is a lot of work, I know because I used to have one.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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