"Maybe" She won’t notice :)

I was in the kitchen, listening to my eldest dd (11) practicing a new song with her voice teacher. I was so impressed, I grabbed my camera and snuck in behind her to tape it. She still gets shy when performing, so I knew I had to use my stealthy moves. Yes. I’ve got them 🙂 Here is what I captured (hee hee). You’ll notice when she finally sees me. Ha ha! What a funny kid. She doesn’t have anything to be nervous about! This kid has got talent!


8 thoughts on “"Maybe" She won’t notice :)

  1. She certainly does have talent. What a beatiful voice. She is so blessed that you are helping her to cultivate her gift of song.



  2. Oh…just popping around you blog…super sweet..great expression you are right..she's amazing. I can't sing for the life of me and somehow i yawn in the middle of songs…why does that happen…ha ha ha…soon she will be on canadian idol eh??? i'll be watching. tfs


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