Lamp Silhouette Pictures

Happy Tuesday! 
I’m happy to share a SUPER quick room decor project that can be customized for any room, with any theme, in any color. It’s silhouette art! If you have a craft cutter, this will be super easy…if not – just sketch an outline of any shape you like, cut it out in black cardstock, then glue it to some patterned paper that matches your room. Voila! Simple and fun art. I used old frames I had around the house and some bright and fun scrapbook paper that matched my youngest girls’ bedding. Isn’t it fun?
I used the shape “lamps_1_1” and used only the silhouette shape without the second top pieces. This took just minutes to make and I love what it added to my girls’ room!


One thought on “Lamp Silhouette Pictures

  1. Wow you did a beautiful job in sketching the lamps and then cuting them. if only I could draw. What a wonderful project for any room. I love thatyou made tem for your daughters room they look awesome!



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