All About Daddy!

Happy Monday!
Did you enjoy your weekend? Was it eventful? Ours was pretty quiet and laid back, which is just the way I like it 🙂 How did you spend Father’s Day? I tried something a little different this year and gave each of the girls a little questionnaire to fill out about their daddy. Simple things like “What is his name? What does he like to do for fun?” It turned out to be more entertaining than we expected. Here are just a couple of their answers 🙂
TJ is 11 and knows her dad pretty well 🙂 She guessed a bit under on his weight, but other than that..answered most things correctly. All except his favorite TV show, where she put “Inspector Gadget”. Okay, maybe 25 years ago! Still, not bad 🙂

B is a funny duckie and some of her answers were pretty goofy. She put his favorite TV show as Barney. Um….. okay. For his favorite drink she wrote “Water…..EW!” but she DID get his favorite food right…SUSHI!
BB really tried her best and gave us a good laugh with her try at spelling some words she doesn’t know. For example, his favorite food is most definitely “Speety” (spaghetti) but I’m not sure his favorite drinks are “joos and poop” (Juice and pop). 

JJ was the funniest of them all. She was completely serious about her little four-year-old answers that went something like this:
My dad’s name is: Lyndon Lynn Grunewald (suits him, no?)
He is 20 feet tall and weighs 12 lbs (maybe he seems that tall to her – ha!)
His hair color is NONE (got that right!)
He likes to go to: Work (oh, you naive little princess)
For fun he likes to: Go to church (yep, he’s a regular party animal)
The thing I like  best about my dad is: He takes me somewhere

Yep, my husband is great for all kinds of things like going to church and going to work, but he also can do a mean cartwheel and is a pro at making silly faces. He is always there to tuck the girls in at night, do the grocery shopping, and helping around the house. He is attentive, sweet, kind, compassionate, selfless, witty, and smart. We love the guy, and I was thrilled to show how we love him on Father’s Day!


One thought on “All About Daddy!

  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate father's day. How thought ful of you to take a photo of each of the girls with thier dad. You create beautiful memories for your family. I loved all of your photos and I love the way that you ended your post.



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