Quilted Pot Holders

I think I’ve mentioned my love affair, haven’t I? The one I’ve been having with Pinterest? I find myself browsing, pinning, and being inspired during every free minute. LOVE! My latest find was a little site called “A Pretty cool life”.  I found these adorable pot holders that take only minutes to make.

Pot Holder tutorial
I knew I had some cute scrap fabric around, and I even had the quilt batting, too! This project was going to be made. Turns out I didn’t have enough to make two matching holders, so I made a set of coordinating ones, instead. Here are mine!
I went for the funky and fresh look 🙂 I mean, zebra print? Makes me want to get cooking! I switched up the fabric for the little loops so they really look like a set 🙂

So, now all I need is something HOT to put on them! Any ideas?
Happy pinning and Happy crafting!!


3 thoughts on “Quilted Pot Holders

  1. SO cute! I'm clearly out of the loop because I have NO idea of what pinterest is. What is it? I think Hawaiian Haystacks sound yummy, don't you??? Plus they are so easy!


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