Easy Tiered Treat Stand

 I can’t wait to share my latest project (and, really – I’m talking a five minute project). I was browsing on Pinterest and saw this fabulous tiered treat platter from The Crafting Chicks that I instantly fell in love with!
So, I popped by Superstore to see what cute plastic plates they might have and I found some in a bright, happy color! I bought a large plate, a small plate, and a bowl. Then I bought two candle sticks from the Dollarstore (a tall one and a short one). I also bought some epoxy from the Dollar store. Adhere the candle holders to the plates with the epoxy, and five minutes later? VOILA!
A super cute treat stand! I have always wanted one, but wasn’t willing to shell out the big bucks. So, this was less than $10 and I love it! I also saw some cute plates and bowls at the dollar store, but none in the happy yellow 🙂 Maybe I’ll make another one as a gift 🙂 NOW all I need are some treats to fill it with. Hmmmm…. What would you fill it up with?
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4 thoughts on “Easy Tiered Treat Stand

  1. Hi! So this idea seems super awesome. I've gone out to superstore and bought dishes (almost identical but white because that will match all of my dishes) but can't seem to find a decent candle holder. What brand of dollar store did you go to? Our local Dollar Giant was sadly lacking.

    Also what was the name of the epoxy you used? I”m new to glueing.

    I love this idea…thank you so much for posting this!


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