A Bundle of Cuties!

I love these kiddos. They are buddies with my girls, and they are bursting with personality! I rarely see a bunch of siblings who are so totally THEMSELVES every second. I love it. I was happy to spend a few minutes photographing them…with their new baby brother!
This little monkey is a quietly determined gal. She has an opinion that she sticks to, but she’s also a momma’s girl 🙂 She reminds me of a little pixie. She gave me so many cute little expressions. LOVE!
If I had a son, I’d want him to be just like mr. “P”, here. He is sweet, friendly, open, and loving. Hey, little ladies…he’ll be quite the catch in a few years!
Meet Miss Personality! She is a performer, full of zest for life, vivacious, and fun. You can’t help but notice this gal! Love her!
This princess might be quiet and seem shy, but she is tender and sweet and happy. I loved every second with this gal!
And introducing Mr. man. He is SUCH a good baby…content, happy, easy going. Actually…seems like he’s following in his older brother’s steps! I wasn’t used to photographing an older baby (3 months) but he was more than willing to cooperate 🙂

Here is some news if you are in and around the Calgary area! I will be taking on a few mini sessions (outdoor) on July 1st (Canada day) while we stop over there on our trip! I only have a few spots available, so if you want to book, I suggest you book fast! I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “A Bundle of Cuties!

  1. Bobbi – I have been following you for over a year. You do amazing work and have the best family ever. Your photography drives me to do more and be better. I don't know you personally but I pray for you because I know you have health problems now and then. You touch so many people's lives. You are amazing. Thank you.


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