My Self-Taught Gymnast!

We have a monkey living at our house. She is super cute and even cleans up after herself….most of the time :)What we love best about our monkey is that she is constantly entertaining us with her monkey moves!
She is a self-taught gymnast…teaching herself how to do a number of fun tricks like this backbend that makes me grit my teeth just a little….
Or her most recent accomplishment….a rockin’ handstand!
It started when she was about 3 and she taught herself to do a cartwheel. Not just any cartwheel…a very precise, straight-legged, perfect landing kind of cartwheel.
It progressed from there, and let me tell you…she is totally unafraid. 
Which makes ME afraid.
Which makes me think, I need to get her into a CLASS where she can learn how to do these things with supervision and SAFETY! 
Problem with that is…not enough funds to get her in a class.
Oh, and did I mention….a two handed cartwheel isn’t enough anymore…now she prefers the one-handed variety.

So, what do you do with a monkey when you have no money? Ideas?

6 thoughts on “My Self-Taught Gymnast!

  1. I know you dont know me from Adam but I found your blog through a friend of mine. I just thought you would like to know about some services available to help low income families pay for extracurricular physical activities for kids (since you have a self taught gymnast)! One program runs through Canadian Tire called Jumpstart provides families with I think $300/year/child, not 100% sure but check it out! The other is a Counrty wide program called KidSport. There are certain criteria you would have to meet and forms to fill out but you should google them and find your local Kidsport and maybe your little talented girl can really develop a God-given talent! hope this helps!


  2. What about trading services? You could do a year end photo of the group of children who are in the same class as your little daughter is and in return she can go to classes Now that would work for me. 😉

    Love your photos of your little gymnast in action.



  3. Offer to trade photography shoots for the gymnasts in her class (or the teacher's own family) for the fee of some classes – it's worth a try!


  4. We sold things in a garage sale. And sometimes took on an extra flyer delivery route, so that Cami could take dance when she could.

    Sometimes though….there are community centers that offer these programs at GREATLY reduced prices. That's how our boys took Karate all those years. All we had to have was a Community membership. $20.00 per family per year. Cheap! {Plus of course the karate lessons….but they were cheap monthly payments as well.} Check out your local community newsletter and see what they've got offered there.


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