Congrats to Tony and Julie!

Happy Wednesday! Have you been enjoying your week? I’ve had better, but I’m trying to keep my chin up 🙂 One way I’m doing that is by sharing a few captures from a small wedding I photographed of a family friend a couple of weeks ago. We only had one hour, but we managed to get a nice variety. This couple is not only one of the sweetest out there, but they are very much in love, which was so obvious. I didn’t have to give them much direction…they just snuggled, cuddled, and got lost in each other’s eyes…a lot 🙂

The groom and his buddies had a blast together…they had me in stitches!

I don’t advertise for weddings anymore…just by special invite from families or friends…but this fun couple had me almost wanting to start again…..almost 🙂

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