Spring Break Break-Down

Why is it called Spring “break” when it really isn’t a “break” at all? If you are in our family, it’s completely FULL of activity, visiting, travelling, laughing, more visiting, playing, and partying. This Spring break (so far) has been no exception! Shall we do the Spring break-down? Okee dokee!
We spent four lovely days visiting with my husband’s family in Alberta, which means…ROAD TRIP!! We traveled half the distance, then stayed overnight at a fun hotel that had a gorgeous foyer area with plants and water features, as well as 2 large water slides! We loved our very short over-night stay there.
We arrived in the afternoon on Friday and enjoyed a large family gathering to celebrate the many April birthdays on this side of the family. The guest of honor, though, was Grandpa, who was surprised with a gift of an airline ticket to go to England to visit some relatives he recently discovered existed! Lyndon, Frieso, and Grandpa have been very busy with their geneology and discovered he has an aunt, uncle, and several cousins and other relatives of his father’s still alive and well in England. He was very surprised 🙂
TJ immediately found her best cousins, Syd and spent every moment possible hanging out with her. They kind of surprised me with how grown up they suddenly looked to me. Scary how fast time goes by. They spent most of the weekend together.
Saturday was very eventful – the first event being my sweet nephew’s baptism. He was baptized by his father and had his cousin also baptized by her dad. It’s special to share your day with someone you love. We were so happy to have been there. My girls sang a musical number “If I Listen With My Heart” and the whole thing was just beautiful. Logan is so incredibly grown up and such a tender, sweet, guy. Look out, ladies! This one is a keeper!
After lunch, TJ, B, and I headed out to the “Clayground” with Syd and Aunt T for Syd’s birthday! What a brilliant idea! The girls each chose a clay item to paint, they chose their paint colors and started creating! TJ chose a butterfly-shaped jewelry box, B chose a Mermaid statuette, and Syd chose a modern looking mug. It was fun to see their different creative techniques coming out. They are all very artistic! We did a bit of shopping, then headed out to the mountains to visit and eat at Aunt T’s house.
Daddy and the little girls met us there and latched on to their cousins. It broke my heart to see how much they miss their cousins, and how much they love them – but don’t get to see them because of distance. Family is so, so important – it’s the only thing that lasts, really. They all got along so well. Maybe we’ll make our way back to Alberta someday… to stay 🙂
Sunday started out on a sour note, for me, because of a terrible migraine and aches and pains. I missed church, which was tragic because the program sounded so incredibly beautiful. I tried to sleep it off in the morning, but it only helped a little. By afternoon,  I was feeling a little  better so I went with the family to visit Lyndon’s brother and his family. We visited then went for a nice walk to the lake near their house because the weather was so gorgeous! Their little girl, Lily, just won my heart immediately. She is a smart little thing – and gorgeous, just like her mom. We also loved seeing their dogs! The girls had a blast walking them..or rather, letting the dogs walk THEM! 🙂
That afternoon, I crashed again because I was still feeling quite sick. I was able to spend an hour visiting with my sister, Kathy, and her family, but couldn’t stay long because of my terrible headache. We visited a little more with Jeff and Judy – who I could visit with hours and days more – then hit the sack. It was going to be a long, long drive the next day!

Packed up the van (who knew just 4 nights could equal a bazillion suitcases?!) got comfortable, and settled in for the 7+ hour drive back home. It felt like a whirlwind. There were so many more people I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go…but time just ran out. Good thing we are making another short stop in July for my nephew’s wedding! No, not the same nephew as was  baptized 🙂 The trip reminded me of how much I miss my family, my dear friends in Alberta, and the joy of spending quality time together. It was nice to get home and just breathe, but I really, truly, miss living close to my family. We love you and miss you all, already! 

Now, we are content for the rest of the week to go on bike rides, play with friends, run in the backyard, and me? Back to work 🙂 I just photographed a DOLL of a 6 month old that I can’t WAIT to show you, so stay tuned! 
How are you spending your Spring break? What are you favorite activities? I’d love some new and fresh ideas! Happy Spring!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Break-Down

  1. I'm glad you guys were able to get away for a bit and see family. You are so right….there is NOTHING like family. We had our whole family here with us….all except our elder of course. ; D It made me realize suddenly that our house is too too small now. Not sure what we will do when more get married and bring the kids home. lol. So much luggage and baby stuff laying around it was hard to get around. But it was fun.

    Sorry you had such a bad headache! Hope you are feeling much much better.


  2. Looks like a fun-filled adventure. I love your printables and have printed as used a few already. I posted a link on my blog. I have a request: I am looking for a “I love to see the temple” printable for a 5×7 horizontal frame. I'd totally owe you. I could make one, but it wouldn't be so cute. 🙂


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