Free Friday! Use It Up Quote


Happy Easter weekend, everyone! I truly hope you are all taking some time to relax, enjoy spending time with family, eating some good food, and worshiping in your way. We are visiting family in another Province and going to celebrate my nephew’s baptism tomorrow, so life couldn’t be better!

I don’t have an Easter printable for you this week – after all, I did two of those already. BUT I do have a printable in some springtime colors 🙂 This is something my mom said day in and day out while I was growing up, to help me learn thrift and frugality. That is so important in today’s economy, and it’s something I’m re-learning as an adult. I am printing this to display somewhere in my home where I (and my children) can see it daily and be reminded that we have so many wonderful things that we need to take care of and use, and that we don’t need to always be concerned with getting the ‘newest’ or ‘best’ out there. Perhaps one of you can use this is your house…if you have children like mine 🙂 Happy Easter!



I hope you’ll enjoy this one and share my blog with your friends so they can enjoy it, too!

9 thoughts on “Free Friday! Use It Up Quote

  1. Beej,
    so happy you did this one. I have been trying to find this saying since one of the General Authorities used it in his talk. (Can't remember who it was and I still haven't found the talk). I was going to do a sign using vinyl but this will work great. Thanks for all the free printables. My VTing comp and I are using the M&M one to give to our VTies.


  2. I absolutely love thatyou made a printale by using your Mothers very wise words. The colors you used are very cheefrful. Thank you for sharing your printables Bobbi-Jo.Your work is always beautiful.

    Happy Easter to you and to your family.



  3. Thank you for the free printables. I was connected via Craft-O-Maniac, via the Rachel Berry Blog for the Women make a house a home printable, but couldn't find it, but found tons of other great things. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Blessings to you.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this printable! I printed and framed this a year ago and have it hanging somewhere where I see it daily and I LOVE it. I just wanted you to know how much your generousity is appreciated!


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