Arm Bands

We have been busy creating! 
And creating in the most FRUGAL way, too 😉 First! We stopped by the dollar store and found some fun striped socks (2 sets for $1). We picked up 2 sets and brought them home to create some fun arm bands like I saw on IShare Crafts HERE. They were SO fast to make … like 5 minutes to make 4 sets. Literally cut off the toe, turn them inside out, stitch straight across the heel, then trim the excess off to make a straight tube, then make two small snips for the thumbs = done! 
The kids feel OH so cool in these… and we love the $0.50 price tag! YES!

I don’t know how long they will last, but who cares? The girls love them, I think they are super-dee-duper cute, and they were CHEAP! Now, to make some in MY size….   😉


One thought on “Arm Bands

  1. What fun! I love what you have done to make tube out of awesome looking socks. Love the photos of your girls wearing them. They make quite the fashion statement.



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