Baby Boys – Saskatchewan Family Photographer

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any shots from my sessions! It is the slow time of year as far as sessions go – which isn’t surprising considering it’s been below -30 degrees for the past 3 months. But, I have been having fun photographing some gorgeous baby boys! My last 3 sessions have been boys, boys, boys! Here are a couple of shots from the last two.
Oh, mercy, could they be any cuter? You’ve gotta love the expressions.
I actually get paid for this? I can barely believe it. Before I know it the weather will be warming up (right????) and I’ll be back outside with my camera in hand, taking advantage of the warmth, the color, the action! I can barely wait. But, until that happens, I’m content to hang out with my gaggle of girls, and photograph the occasional adorable baby boy!


3 thoughts on “Baby Boys – Saskatchewan Family Photographer

  1. Both of the babies are so adorable.Your photos of them are outstanding.

    Like you, I can hardly wait for the warmer weather so that I can go outdoors with my camera. 🙂



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