Only In Saskatchewan!

 Record snow falls and crazy temperatures weren’t enough to keep us from our BBQ! We took advantage of the toasty +2 degree weather to grill up some burgers….knee deep in snow. Oh, and this is after half if it melted over the last week! We couldn’t have even made it back there before the melt. Only in Saskatchewan, folks…


5 thoughts on “Only In Saskatchewan!

  1. just found your blog; it's awesome … looking through your old postings, i found the griller … made me laugh … when former hubs and i attended ricks (remember ricks???) in 1992, after moving down from bc, we did, I DID, grill on the front porch of our college avenue home in a blizzard and about -40 with wind chill … we spread the blankets on the rug and the family, 2 teen girls and our 10-yr-old son, had a picnic with the usual burgers, potato salad and apple crisp … we canadians are a hardy gang of peeps … weather does not get us down!!! love your blog ….


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